Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Duck me!

This Ducky's not, as far as we can tell, a homosexual necrophiliac Listen to F*ck Me Dead (The Forgotten Rebels) (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Listen to Strangebird (Bobby Bare Jr.) (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Comrades! Much linkage today. Sources are varied but thanks to Boing Boing, LHB, Metafilter, my boy Scam, the Globe and Mail etc. and yadda. First, it seems the people aren't the only ones in Holland getting their freak on. Some of the ducks are homosexual necrophiliacs. Thinking of going back to school? Turns out Sandy Pearlman the inspiration for Christopher Walken's SNL cowbell sketch (video here) character is a visiting scholar at McGill. I think I might quit the PR racket and explore the studio space. BTW, your taste in music sucks. Zoilus, is paying attention to the situation and airs concerns that Brave New Waves (launchers of thousands of careers including Brent Bambury's) is also on the chopping block. If any of this bugs you, write the corp. Further to yesterday's "John Doe" article from the Village Voice, Salon has this piece on the what the RIAA and MPAA think those downloaded files on your hard drive are worth. Scary. Last night, Shinkle reminded me how great GloNo's discussion boards are. I took the time to look em over and found his link to this article on urban sprawl in Arizona. Pretty heady stuff for a rock n' roll site. Buy a copy of Bobby Bare Jr.'s From the End of Your Leash The Forgotten Rebels' In Love With the System has been out of print for SOME time There's even MORE cowbell here.
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