Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Put up yer Duke(s)

He only LOOKS twelve . . . Cuff the Duke's Wayne Petti Listen to Ballad of a Lonely Construction Worker (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Someone who shall remain nameless (because I can't remember his name) reminded me that I was going to put in a good word for the boys of Cuff the Duke. So, here's the good word: Cuff the Duke are the best thing to come out of Oshawa since Eric Lindros and the Chevy Silverado. Even more importantly, they're not art school dropouts from Mile End writing thoughtful songs about blue collar heroes; they're high school dropouts from the suburbs writing arty songs about blue collar heroes. BIG difference. You can visit Cuff the Duke on the interweb here. You can buy a copy of their debut full-length Life Stories for Minimum Wage here.
Grateful for the follow-up...
Speaking on behalf of myself, and the nameless individual (and I'm sure Bruce too if he had the time to write).
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