Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Montréal is so hot right now

It's true, I read it in the New York Times and everything. La Grande Ille de la Poutine (PWI's weekend HQ) is hotter than John Gomery's forehead. And it's not just because of those flavour of the month guys either. (I kid, I KID. . . because I love) In fact, if you believe The Times' David Carr, the Montreal thing is attributable to three key factors: The weather: In short, if you're cold, you stay inside and practice; The rent: In short, musicians are poor and, if their rent is cheap, they can afford to stay home and practice; and, The tired old anglais v. francais thing: In short, Montréal's english bands are somehow more likely to be cool because there is no anglophone star system. No gigs means you stay inside and . . .well, you know, practice. Now I'm not going to get into it with the guy about his reasoning (though I think trying to quantify what "makes" a scene is a mug's game . . . or at least a music historian's) but I will take issue with one thing: french music in montreal is not limited to, as Carr so glibly puts it, "accordions accompanied by crooning chanteuses." I mean have you HEARD Le Nombre? . . . goddamn! So here are three Montréal acts which may not have crossed your radar The Diskettes: Art (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Low fi sugar pop with enough witty turns of phrase to keep me interested. La Descente du Coude: L'Axe du Mal Malaxé (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Political, francophone hardcore. It's melodic enough to keep me interested. The King Khan and BBQ Show: Fish Fight (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Low fi rockabilly with no cymbals. It's spookfunky enough to make your ass shake . . . verrrry interesting. Buy a Diskettes record from Humblebee Buy a La Descente du Coude record from Scratch Buy a King Khan and BBQ Show record from Goner Speaking of the Arcade Fire, check out this cool blog entry from David Byrne where he suggests Win and the crew should skip the whole major label feeding frenzy and just stay with Merge. (Thanks Stereogum)
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