Thursday, February 17, 2005


Happy Birthday to Me!

No Bruce. No, no the car's beautiful but I couldn't . . . really. You're FAR too generous. The Autumn Defence: The Sun in California The Disposable Heroes of Hiphopricy: California Uber Alles (DK's Cover) (Go! Buy the Rekkids!) Lots to say, little time. First, it seems Bruce Springsteen has finally recognized my long-term fandom! No, not by giving me a classic Vette, but rather by releasing his new record on my birthday. Thank you, Bruce. Good times! Second, don't fret if you don't hear from me for a few days next week. I haven't forgotten about you. TMBGITW and I are just off to lovely, warm (hey! It's all relative) San Francisco for a week of wine tastin', book readin' and rock listenin' (Westy on Monday, Ted Leo on Tuesday and Mission of Burma on Wednesday. Then maybe even David Byrne and the Walkmen later in the week). VERY Good times! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! SF Noise Pop Festival If you're reading in SF, and you see me at a show, say hello and I'll likely buy you some sort of beverage. (I'm 6'6" and indie rocker skinny. I kinda look like Joel Plaskett and I often go to concerts wearing this) FC's doppelganger . . . actual appearance may vary Third: Three takes on bloggin' Take one: The whole Jon Stewart Talon News video, is worth a few (ok, eight) minutes. If you don't have time I'll give you a quick translation: Them Blogs (and Ted Hitler) is funny. Them glorified bloggers pretending to be White House Reporters is even funnier. Them glorified bloggers pretending to be White House Reporters while peddling their 8" cut . . . is mind-bendingly hilarious. Take two: Fat City's paper of record seems to be all over the blog thing. Media reporter Chris Cobb recently donated his hard-hitting analysis of the bloggocircle (thanks for the link, Scam). ----- LATE NEWS, SEEMS LIKE THE LINK NO LONGER WORKS ----------- For those of you who didn't get to see it, let me translate: Blogs are mostly written by teenagers and other people who either can't spell or who want to sell you porn...or try to sell you porn in broken English (Well, Duh!) Some blogs are well written and relevant. They're the ones that get read. Take three: I shouldn't poke TOO much fun. A Cit. reporter recently interviewed me for a piece that will run in their Arts section in the next little while (link to come, I'm sure). Translation: The rest of the bloggosphere might be hot as a thousand devils, but this site has officially jumped the shark. Oh, check out Pitchfork congratulating themselves for making The Arcade Fire such a big deal. (Funny, I heard about them through Said The Gramophone). And, finally. The Autumn Defence (ok, ok, America . . . "Defense" . . . are you happy?) is Wilco bassist John Stirratt's side project with Pat Sansone and (former Wilco drummer) Ken Coomer and (former Wilco/Blue Rodeo side man and CPA spokesdude) Bob Egan. Their two full lengths are good, you should buy them. The Disposable Heroes of Hiphopricy actually toured with U2 and had a video on Much Music (WAY back in the day). This track hasn't aged well, ("we leave the poor living in a poophole" . . . cummon!) but it did kinda take me back. Lead Hero Michael Franti is now fronting Spearhead. Their live show is reportedly VERY solid. You can buy Hypocricy is the Greatest Luxury here.
oh my goodness that is a very sweet wonderful amazing song... yay!
I just started reading your blog. It's nice. I love the title.

-Andy (What's Knittin', Kitten?)
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