Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Groundhog day rock! (Song link works now!)

I think they mean "Hibernate": Wintersleep Listen to Orca (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Sometimes I wonder why we bother with Groundhog Day in Canada? Wiarton Willie's a great rodent n' everything, but does anyone actually think that this winter's only got six more weeks left in it? Do you really think we're gonna get off that easily? If you do, my good friend, then you - like about 90 percent of the folks in PWI land - are simply not Canadian. Canada is a land of realists; people with ice in their veins and flannel on their backs. Wintersleep are from Halifax. Orca is a great track about being a kid and wanting to be a monster when you grow up. Overall, front man Paul Murphy sounds like kinda like Eddie Vedder. After listening to their first record, I can't tell if I think they're a really cool, post rocky, acousta-heavy metally thing (like Explosions in the Sky with lyrics or Sigur Ros with aggression and english . . . which would be hot) or if they're a really cheezy, prog rocky, acousta heavy metally thing (like, well, Queensryche . . . which wouldn't be so fresh). Visit the good folks of Wintersleep. Buy Wintersleep's first record (entitled "Wintersleep") or their new record which is titled, in a new feat of wankery, "Untitled" here. I wish I could make a bet on whether their next record will be called "Self Titled."
hey i would love to hear the song, but the link seems broken. i am planning on seeing these guys on tour as soon as possible, by the way. nice post!
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