Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Worst. Hip Hop. Ev-er!

No doubt, T was solid. His rhymes however . . . Ok, this is a warning. The following posts are bad. Really, bad. Not "so bad their good" but bad. B-A-D. You've been warned. Listen to Treat Your Mother Right It's hard to believe, but at one point in the eighties, Mr. T wasn't a punch line, he was a pop cultural force. Action figures, movie stardom, board games, cartoons, breakfast cereal . . . and the world's most painful rap record. I know this album was supposed to be aimed at street-proofing kids and I have a great deal of respect for T's love of his mamma, but this is a track only a mamma could love. "We're not here, to start no trouble . . ." Listen to The Superbowl Shuffle The '86 Bears will be remembered for many things: one of football's all-time most punishing defences, the Fridge playing fullback, Jim McMahon's headbands and a rap single more painful than a Mike Singletary body block. Mitigating Factor: "Shuffle" was recorded to raise money for needy families in Chicago. But it gets worse: "Shuffle" actually peaked at number 41 on the Billboard charts in 1986. Thanks very much to Paul at the great new blog We're Here to Help You Through Yr Changes for posting this track a while back and doing the Billboard research. Listen to The Mighty Stephen Hawking This is just offensive.
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