Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Take this Plane to Japan: Guitar Wolf

Guitar Wolf: Toru, Seiji & Billy get their pose on Plane Songs: The Final Chapter Listen to Jet Virus (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) It's taken two whole weeks but I've excorcised my distaste for Air Canada (that is, at least, until they bugger up my trip to SXSW . . . ). We can settle up the plane songs theme with a quick trip to Tokyo to visit Guitar Wolf. This is appropriate because: 1) The Wolf have a relatively recent release - Rock n' Roll Etiquette - in the states on Narnack Records (no Canadian distribution, it seems); and, 2) They're louder than a jet engine. Don't expect particularly professional-sounding production, just pin back your ears and hold on tight! Long live Japanese garage n' thrash. Buy Rock n' Roll Etiquette direct from Narnack.
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