Thursday, January 06, 2005


Plane Songs: Volume One

Laval vs. Minneapolis: It's as plane as the nose on her face Listen to Waitress in the Sky Listen to Private Plane (Go! Buy the Rekkids!) Non-Canadian readers may not be aware of this, but CĂ©line Dion, Laval's most famous plastic surgery victim is currently spokes-chanteuse for Air Canada. My favourite part of that press release is when they quote the ad's voice over as saying "Now there's an Air Canada that makes it easier for everyone." (As if anyone could HEAR the voiceover with C-dogg screaching away over her three or four octaves.) It's a sale's pitch that mixes both an admission of guilt and a desperate scraping for forgiveness. Delicious! Seeing as I'm still bitter about being brought home at four-thirty in the a.m. on Sunday (good news though! I got my bag made it home by Wednesday!). And seeing as we're in the middle of another major, transportation-artery clogging snow storm here in central Canada (and I LOVES to be topical) I thought I'd spend a couple of days throwin' plane songs at y'all. Enjoy! Buy Flip Your Wig Buy Tim
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