Tuesday, January 25, 2005


New Kings of Leon

No, it's not a yearbook picture from 1978, it's those adorably scruffy little Kings of Leon Listen to The Bucket (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Buzz band or not, I love the Kings of Leon. Can't say that their whole "sons of a preacher man in desperate need of a bottle of conditioner" vibe is a positive, but their first record, Youth and Young Manhood, was a great mix of classic southern vibes with a little 21st century mick n keef swagger thrown in for giggles. The new record (Aha Shake Heartbreak) isn't likely to help the Kings shake the "Southern Strokes" label that's been dropped on them since day one. It's a record that continues to pay respect to the southern thang, but also seems to - as Simpy points out - bring a little more London new-wave to their Nashville tent revival. It's a more complicated record than Youth and Young Manhood, and a record that I'm looking forward to picking up February 22nd.
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