Friday, January 21, 2005


Don't they know it's COLD up here?

Canada's best MC since, well, ever? (Sorry Maestro) Listen to K-OS: B-boy Stance (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) The recent cold snap doesn't seem to be deterring the touring acts. Friends of PWI The Joel Plaskett Emergency are bringing their classic rock cavalcade to the Capital Music Hall tonight with Cuff the Duke (more on them later), while across town the very tight, and very talented K-OS (more on him later too) has a sold out show at L'Université. Embarassment of riches? Yes. But that's not even to mention the fact that Hilliary Duff played two gigs at the enormodome earlier this month. Oh, and Steve Earle just announced a March 5th date too.
No kidding on that best MC bit. I recommend posting up Joyful Rebellion's "Crabbuckit" and Exit's "Heaven Only Knows."

In fact, pretty much anything would be great. :)
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