Saturday, December 11, 2004


Portland Kicks Ass!

Listen to Morningwatch (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) I think I wanna move from Fat City to the Rose City. I mean, they have great book stores, there's nice weather, they have Cheech and Chong in the starting five of their basketball team and you can buy pastries filled with fruit that's been named after a crack-smoking former mayor of D.C. What's not to love? The music scene kicks ass too. So varied. You've got The Decemberists holding down that whole "Pre civil-war influenced baroque pop" niche that's so hot right now. Sleater-Kinney for the kids and The Dandy Warhols for my buddy K.C., who has an inexplicable love for rock with electronic influences. And then there's Dolorean. Delicate, pensive, earthly folk-rock; it's music for nights that turn into bleary mornings and days that don't seem to end. Buy Violence in the Snowy Feilds
Don't forget Menomena, Shins, Jackie-O-Motherfucker, Books On Tape, Pink Martini, and scores of others. It's no surprise. Blue states make better music.
I thought Shins were from New Mexico . . . that's it, I'm DEFINATELY moving to Oregon.

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