Tuesday, December 07, 2004


NQ Arbuckle: Mixkin Dancehall Blues (Go! Buy the Rekkid!)

This drinkin's no good, but it makes me feel better When I first started this whole music bloggin thing, I set aside a list of artists I wanted to tell the "world" about. People who didn't have record sales, people who didn't have big turnouts for their live shows. D.I.Y-ers. Artists who needed support. What I've ended up doing was writing personal essays about Bruce Springsteen and posting pictures of Britney Spears waiting to go pee. . . Sigh! No matter. Today we actually chalk one up for the underdog. Nyle (Arbuckle) Quinlan is a songwriter first. He writes simple, brittle, heartfelt songs and doesn't guild them with much arranging. His first, and only, record, Hanging the Battle-scarred Pinata, features production by Luke Doucet and a guest spot from west coast alt-country fave Carolyn Mark (more on her, later). Oh, and he just happens to related to Frank Johnston. Buy Hanging the Battle-scard Pinata.
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