Friday, December 10, 2004


Guess who's back?

Danny Michel (Mee-Shell) ruins a perfectly good suit. All this and more tonight at the Black Sheep Listen to Bones (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Reason #4584 the Junos suck. Last year, former fat city resident, former member of Starling and all-around high- quality guy, Danny Michel lost the "Best New Artist" award to crooner of the week Michael Buble (that's BOO-blay to you. . . I know, I know, who cares?). Now, it's not the fact that Danny lost that confuses me (the Junos are notorious for their lack of quality, they're named after a federal bureaucrat fuhgawdsake) it's his qualification as a "new artist." Tales from the Invisible Man, the album that got Danny the nod, was his third solo full-length by my count. He's been making music for 15 years or more and recording for nearly as long. I think I might buy a Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences membership this year and send my own votes in 2005. Anybody wanna help me make my picks? I'm sure there will be some interesting battles between Avril, Shania and Celine. Buy In the Belly of a Whale.
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