Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Get outta here hippy, or I'll impound yer car!

I want to ride your coat tails or at least nail them to the floor: Carolyn Mark Listen to Edmonton Carolyn Mark is unique among Canadian musicians. No, not because she's making a living as a singer/songwriter despite living in Victoria (home of the newly wed and nearly dead . . . oh, and also Hot Hot Heat). Not because she can out-drink, out-smoke and out honkey-tonk the boys. Nope, Carolyn Mark's true claim to fame has to be as the only Canadian rock and roller to ever hit on your's truly.
(Railway Club, New Year's Eve, 2001) FC: "Hey! Do you think she wrote (Edmonton) about someone in particular?" My buddy Arno (raising his voice as the singer passes into earshot): "I dunno, why don't you ask her?" Carolyn Mark: "Ask me what?" FC (shifting nervously foot to foot): "I, um. I mean we, WE, were wondering if you wrote that song about someone in particular or if it was umm, you know, like. . . C.M.: ". . . An amalgam?" FC: "Yeah, an amalgam." C.M.: "The song's about you." FC (Now blushing painfully): "Heh-heh, heh-heh. Cool." (In my defence, remember the 9th law of rock. Remember as well that I'm a dork) C.M. "O.K. Bye"
Don't matter none. I'm sure she says that kinda stuff to all the boys . . .
Buy (as if THIS doesn't make it worse) "Party Girl" Looks like Carolyn and her "new best friends" are back at the Railway for New Year's this year.

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