Thursday, November 25, 2004


X-Mix Also Rans (With bonus track!)

X-Mix Number 6: A real production Listen to The Mountain Goats Against Polution (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) This might be getting ahead of things, but I'm REALLY looking forward to Christmas holidays this year. I'm already down to the short strokes in developing my annual mixtape/ Christmas card. Which, despite the Elvis themed cover art, leans more towards classic funk and hip-hop than old school RnR. (Damn You! Tofuhut, Soul Sides and Cocaine Blunts). Rather than post tracks from the mix itself (I know some of you reading this will actually receive one . . . you know who you are Shinkle, Scam and Simpy) I thought I'd give some quick props to some great tracks that I couldn't fit on this year's platter. (It also reduces the amount of effort I have to put into posting, as being up late three school nites in a row working on cover art has turned my brain to pudding). As I've mentioned before (and as the bloggin' community has been chanting for some time) John Darnielle is a freakin' genius. Go buy We Shall All Be Healed Jenny is my all time favourite Mountain Goats track. It was recorded on a ghetto blaster (you can hear the destinct grinding whir of the motor in the background). Listen to it too! In addition to writing music, JD writes ABOUT music. Last Plane to Jakarta is one of the best-written online music zine's going.
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