Tuesday, November 30, 2004


X-Mix Also Rans: Volume 2

Did somebody say Hat Act? Bobby Bare Jr. Listen to Bobby Bare Jr. sing Visit Me in Music City (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Bobby Bare Jr. may not have ACTUALLY been born at the Grande Ole Opry, but he IS the son of a country legend (Dad Bobby Sr. used to room with Willie Nelson and toured with Dylan) and it sounds like he understands a thing or six about the way the biz works in Nashville. In my (admittedly limited) experience, Music City seems to be full of desperation for stardom (not unlike L.A., I'd imagine). The guy at the hotel front desk had head shots, the bartender was a drummer, the coffee shop had a weekly songwriter's night. EVERY coffee shop had a songwriter's night. True story, I once drove solo all the way from Niagara on the Lake to Nashville to catch a Wilco show. While hanging in a bar not far from the venue, I met some cool locals who talked to me and bought me beer (my experience has been that orphans get treated really well in rock bars and not so well in record stores). Anyway, the conversation with one Nashvillian went like this: Fatcitizen: "So, you were born and raised here. Do you work in the music business?" Nashvillian: "Naw, man. I'm FROM Nashville." FC: "How 'bout your family?" NV: "My dad was a coal miner, man." THAT, my friends, is music city U.S.A. At The End of Your Leash is Bobby Bare Jr.'s newest record. You can buy it from Bloodshot (one of my all-time favourite record labels) here. Though his previous album, Young Criminal's Starvation League, is even better. You can also buy it here. Also, Nashville photog Thomas Petillo has shot an excellent portrait of Mr. Bare. I'd have used it to top of this post, but he asks everyone to "be nice" and respect his copyright. And, I'm nice. Seriously! Ask anyone. Look at Thomas's great portrait here.
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