Wednesday, November 03, 2004


What's high in the middle and round at both ends . . .

Listen to Look at Miss Ohio (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) Had so much fun with the theme week concept a while back that I thought PWI could get topical for a few days. So, until I think of something better, it'll be all Ohio radio. Gillian Welch (it is, for some reason, GILL-ee-an by the way folks not, as you'd assume by looking at it, JILL-ee-an) isn't from Louisiana, West Virginia (or even Cincinnati). No, even though she sings about coal miners, farmers and sleeping under the stars and even though she does it with a vibe that seems stripped directly from American Folkways Recordings, Gill grew up in west L.A. and went to school at Berklee. Born blue state and grew up to sound red? God Bless America. Buy Soul Journey. Visit Gillian on the web. Seems like Harper's has also picked up on the whole "If he wins I'm leaving the country" sentiment.
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