Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Wake! Up!

The Arcade Fire. Equal parts Talking Heads and Raelian choir music. I know they're from Montreal, but they're so good, I'm gonna call em honourary citizens of Fat City. (actually, their new drummer, Jeremy Gara, formerly of Weights and Measures, is from the Capital) "They" are the Arcade Fire. Easily the most buzz-worthy thing to come out of Montreal since the Compassion Club. If you haven't heard of them, you've obviously been spending too much time out in the real world and not enough in dim rooms reading Internet music sites. Their debut record (Funeral) is fighting out for the number one spot on my top ten this year. As good as it is, however, it can't hold a candle to their live show. Don't believe me? Hear the Good News. Bradley's Almanac has posted an entire Arcade Fire set, recorded at the November 12th show in Cambridge, Mass. Check it out quick before he hits his bandwidth limit!
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