Thursday, November 04, 2004


R.E.M: Cuyahoga (Go! Buy the Rekkid!)

"Let's put our heads together/And start a new country up." Ohio:songs, Day 2: I don't think this is a political song, per se, but the lyric content sure feels contemporary. Way, way back to the days of the LAST two-term Republican. You see, there was a time when R.E.M. was less shrill. When Michael Stipe mumbled rather than shrieking. When there were legends about him not wanting to explain his lyrics, or even write them down. It was, in my humble opinion, a better time (well, except for the Reagan part). I listen to this track and hear a lot of the modern rock that has come since. The triangle (did you hear it? it's at the beginning of the second verse, but not for long) and organ line remind me of a quieter Arcade Fire. The lyric content is elyptical enough to be from a recent Wilco record (except Jeff Tweedy would've sneaked something in about wanting to kill his wife). Buy Life's Rich Pageant
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