Wednesday, November 17, 2004


the Nils: Canada's Greatest Ever Boy Band

Do you really really really believe? Listen to Daylight (Go! Buy the rekkid!) There is nothing like finally finding a record you've been looking for everywhere. Better still, there's nothing like finding that record used for 11 bucks (thank you, thank you, thank you Cheap Thrills). the Nils started in a garage in suburban Montreal in the late seventies when lead singer Alex Soria was only 12 freakin' years old. They played their first gig two years later in 1981 and went on to record a couple of contributions to comps (1983's Something to Believe In on BYO records and 1984's Primitive Air-Raid on Primitive Industry) and two EPs (Sell Out Young on Psyche Industry in 1985 and Paisley on BYO records in 1986) . They've been referred to as "Canada's Replacements" but I don't think it's a fair comparison. First, because they kinda beat Minneapolis to the punch (Husker Du's Bob Mould referred to them as one of his major influences) and second because they skipped the hardcore phase altogether leaning instead towards mid-tempo melodic rockers (think if you will of "Bastards of Young" rather than "Kids Don't Follow"). Like many of the great acts of that era, I've come to the Nils late. Daylight used to be a staple encore in Jim Bryson's live shows. Better late, than never. In 1996, the whole Nils catalogue was gathered up by Montreal's Mag Wheel Records into an amazing 29-track package called Green Feilds in Daylight. Buy it here. the Nils Broke up in 1994. You can learn a little more about their life and times here. Alex's current band is called Chino. The amazing Jim Bryson (The man who INTRODUCED me to the Nils) is currently without a record contract. I repeat ONE OF THE BEST SONGWRITERS IN CANADA IS CURENTLY IN NEED OF A RECORD CONTRACT. If you own a record company, or know someone who does, you should learn more about Jim here.
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