Friday, November 12, 2004


From Buckeyes to Acorns

Rolf Klausener, takin' a bite outa modern rock Listen to the Acorn: Do you not yearn, At all? Look out Austin! Watch your back Reykjavik! Heads up, Montreal! Oi! Glasgow! Stand still laddie! Fat city has its entry into the guitar noodlin’, verse-chorus-verse paradigm smashing world of post rock. They’re arty, they’re friendly and they’re called The Acorn. The Acorn started as a basement four-track project of lead guitar player Rolf Klausener (also of Kelp Records heroes Greenfeild Main and The Recoilers). Over time, Rolf added another guitar noodler (painter Howie “the Mongrel” Tsui) bass player Jeff Debutte (of Soft Disaster) and drummer Bill Guerrero (of expatriates). The resulting record (The Pink Ghosts) is full of things I like (ahhhhh, steel guitar) that somehow work wonderfully with things I usually don’t (that whole world of beeps and clicks we call electronic music). The leaves are falling, this is the post rock cure for fall. Buy a copy of the (beautifully packaged) Pink Ghosts. Visit The Acorn on the interweb.
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