Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Does this mean I get free buffet?

As a matter of fact I'd LOVE the new Sadies record If you've bothered to read my profile (and really, if you haven't, you've already been forgiven) you'll note that I flack (read "run a small PR consultancy") for a living. That means, sometimes, I have to organize events, write press releases and send them to journalists hoping (praying) that real news doesn't get in the way of me getting my client's picture in the paper. You write, you send free stuff, you beg, occasionally you get ink. It's been a long time since I was considered a journalist myself (and, even then, it was two stints a corporate/community paper named after a brick of aluminum . . . not exactly The Economist) so when the press release came this afternoon from the excellent folks at Yep Roc I was a little taken aback. "Greetings Music Press!" begins the note from their Director of Publicity. "As the end of the year approaches, we wanted to take a moment to remind you of all the great releases brought to you by your friends at Yep Roc Records during 2004." Oh my god, I'm being flacked! After the initial shock (I mean I've spent so many years on the Dark Side of the media force) I was left with one firm feeling: "Finally, somebody gets it!" You see, file sharing isn't the enemy. Small labels, like Yep Roc, have enough trouble getting their excellent artists' names (including Caitlin Cary, Los Straitjackets and recently Marah and Hogtown's The Sadies) out to bother threatening people with Cn'Ds. They KNOW that the people who buy their records are going to live shows (you know "supporting" the artist), they KNOW that people who really love music are using shared files as a test drive, not as a replacement for CDs. Wilco's last two albums have proven it. . . "Music is not a loaf of bread." Music lovers, support the people (labels, bands, promotors, venues) who support you.
I read your profile....its certainly more interesting than mine. I'm based out of Hamilton, Ontario and I've been posting to my mp3blog ( for just over a month but I also host a netlabel only radio show at the local university station. The show is called Squares Cubed and its also available online at
Feel free to check them out.
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