Thursday, October 28, 2004


Vote, Dammit!

Johnny K is 'lectrafyin' . . . sorta (thanks to Wonkette for the pic). And Dubbyah is, well, Dubbyah is the President of the United States. Listen to Billy Bragg sing Help Save the Youth of America. (Go! Buy The Rekkid!) I received a great e-mail this morning from Craig. He's set up a little gig he's calling "Music Bloggers for Democracy" encouraging everyone who writes an audioblog to remind their friends in the United States that Tuesday is a pretty important day for all of us. Lots of people have heeded his request to post the exact same text, song and graphic. If you haven't already seen the results, you can find them here, or here. Now, if anyone changes their mind about voting in the presidential election because some dude who claims to look like Bill the Cat told them to, they're in bad shape. So, seeing that I'm not 'merican, I thought I'd take a different curve on things and try to give the perspective of someone watching everything roll out from a distance. Someone whose more than a little scared that low voter turnout is going to result in a disputed result and a beat-down to the entire global economy.

Someone who cares, dammit! I mean, really.

The references Billy Bragg makes might be a little dated (I remember Chernobyl, though for some it's likely an event that's lost some of its metaphoric punch) but the sentiment the tune packs in is a very powerful one. The sentiment is, if I can take a moment to paraphrase Billy: "Hello, Mr. and Ms. USA. You have a privilege on Tuesday that many people around the world -even people in other democracies- wish they had. You may not care about what happens in your White House, but the results of that election are kinda going to drag us along for the ride. . . so if you won't vote for your country, or for your future, vote for the impact that the one man who gets to sit in that chair is going to have on the rest of the planet." The USA, and indeed the world, is run by those who show up. Electoral Buy Billy Bragg's Talking With the Taxman About Poetry
Thank you for posting the information to just vote, regardless of who the person is going to vote for in this election. Even though I have already voted for John Kerry, I do not like the overwhelming attitude on so many of the blogs that Kerry is the only one to vote for this time. Your readers have brains and their own minds--they can figure these things out for themselves!
As I've said, not only am I Canadian, but I'm (somewhat) anonymous and I've represented myself with a picture of a cartoon cat who was once in detox for drug problems . . . if you take my advice on who to vote for, you're nutty. But I hope you heed my plea to vote.
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