Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Slobberbone: Lumberlung (Go! Buy the rekkid!)

In "honour" of the fact that I've kicked my first cold of the winter (there are usually a few) PWI is gong to unceremoniously bite the "theme week" idea from John over at the Tofu Hut (hey, he owes me one!). The theme: Great songs about being sick. Those of you who think this will mean more “Grand Weepers” than “Grim Reapers” haven’t heard the Evaporators. Those of you who think sad songs are bad news should refer back to the LASH Principle. Ok, so, Slobberbone are pimped by some to be one of the better live acts in the Excited States of 'Merica. In my one experience – at Mohawk Place in Buffalo a few summers ago – their opener, New Orleans’ Dash Rip Rock unceremoniously blew them off the stage. I've been told that the poor showing can be written off to Brent Best (I originally said "Travis Best" but that just proves I have basketball on the brain) - Slobberbone’s lead singer/songwriter - being sick himself at the time. True or not, Slobberbone has recorded four excellent full-lengths. The tunes are mostly of the “here-are-three-solid-chords-that-Neil-Young-and-Jay-Farrar-taught-me . . . mind if I crank em?” variety. One of the strengths of Lumberlung is its familiarity. Anyone who’s ever had a fever can feel the claustrophobic, sticky dreaminess evoked by the first verse of this song. Anyone whose fever has caused a hallucination - I once saw Ty Cobb taking practice swings in my livingroom - can understand the second. Buy Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today. Visit Slobberbone on the net.
Actually, the lead singer of Slobberbone is Brent Best, not Travis Best.
Right you are. Basketball on the brain . . . I suppose.
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