Monday, October 18, 2004


Sick Week: Redux

The 27 Various: "I Feel Damaged" In the spirit of the community potluck that is music bloggin' I've asked some of my pals new and old to add to the sick week theme. The "best" thing I read was from Liza over at Copy, Right?

As for covers of songs about being sick, one of the contestants on Norway Idol, Kjartan Salvesan, sang Matchbox 20's "Unwell."

Ummmm, that is AWESOME! It also reminds me of this. Anyway, Liza's other suggestions included a tune for y'all to try: Liza says: The 27 Various: "I Feel Damaged" - (an old Minneapolis band whose primary songwriter, Ed Ackerson, went on to form Antenna and Polara) Fatcitizen says: Sounds VERY 80s Minneapolis (think Husker Du and Soul Asylum). And very good. Liza also recommends: Unrest: "So Sick" (from the album Pretty Teeth) ABBA: "Get on the Carousel" (Liza says: "(It's) about getting sick from, you guessed it, riding on a carousel ... although perhaps it's metaphor for the bands tumultuos and incestuous relationships.") The Verve: "The Drugs Don't Work" Also, Sonic Youth covered Mudhoney's "Touch Me I'm Sick," and, on the Red, Hot & Country compilation, Syd Straw and Wilco's Jeff Tweedy do a version of Ernest Tubb's "The TB is Whipping Me." Thanks Liza! Go visit Liza, she gives good cover. Keith over at Teaching the Indie Kids to Dance Again and I had a running conversation that was somewhat interupted by all the goings on at the CMJ Music Marathon (you New Yorkers have it so good!) but he managed to make a couple of suggestions (including one from Minneapolis): Tommy Gets his Tonsils out by the Replacements . . . and one more Ted Leo - Treble in Trouble - (is, as I recall, about AIDS). Note to those of you who know me, I did not ask Keith to post those picks. He did so all by his lonesome! Go visit Keith! There's indie gold in that thar site! Finally, John over at the mighty hut has made some low-fi suggestions: Hank Williams "Lovesick Blues" Any of a zillion bluesmen: "St. James Hospital" (Fatcitizen sez: How about Iron Head Baker version on this Rounder Comp?) What you might call a "wi-fi" suggestion: Wesley Willis "The Spin Doctors" An, of course, a Polish one: Mu-siq's "Sick Porter" If you haven't already visited John, you should. His blogroll alone will eat away several hours of hard-earned free time. Well, what are you waiting for? Go play with the neighbours! G'wan, git! I don't think The 27 Various have any records in print. They do have this very old skool web site.
Info on Ed Ackerson's current activities at

I ran sound for 27 Various & sat in on bass for a couple gigs -- all *way* back in the (80s Minneapolis) day.

- Drew Miller (omnidrew at gmail dot com)
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