Friday, October 22, 2004


The Dragons: R.I.P.

"(If you) got a drink in your hand, then you're a Dragon tonite. Let's get LOADED!" Listen to Needs (Live) (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) The Dragons, unfortunately, are no more. Though I’m having trouble nailing down the specifics, it seems this San Diego four-piece fronted by Alejandro Escovedo’s younger brother Mario has called it quits. Though their last couple of albums (2003’s Sin Salvation on Gearhead and 2000’s Rock n’ Roll Kamikaze on now RIP’d Junk Records) suffered from weak production, Live at the Casbah (released on Junk in 2000) was a thing of beauty: loud, stumbling, booze-fueled and young at heart. Think Chuck Berry licks, Johnny Thunders energy, good-time-all-the-time lyric approach and Stinson/Westerberg (if not Keith Richards) sized chemical issues. Buy Live at the Casbah Visit The Dragons (It seems Gearhead has re-masted and reissued Rock n’ Roll Kamikaze. You can find it here)
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