Sunday, October 03, 2004


Delays, Franz Ferdinand, Maplewood, Bad Wizard

Bad Wizard @ El Salon I wanna see Curtis Brown fight Fred Durst. I mean kick his Britney-bangin', red-hat wearin', you-call-THAT-hard-rock lovin' (?) ass! Curtis Brown fronts Brooklyn's Bad Wizard with extreme predjudice and complete lack of irony. He and his bandmates strut and spit and scoff and knock over monitors and turn it up to eleven plus, plus, plus. Seriously, by the time they'd finished their set, I was dizzy. The guitar solos had concussed my inner ear. Good times! The band's name may bring up visions of Dungeons & Dragons (or even better, Harry Potter) but it actually comes from a grocery store clerk's mispronounciation of Budweiser. Their new record is called #1 Tonite. Howler records has a couple of Bad Wizard tracks posted here (check out So Bad So Bad). To get the live experience, hook your PC up to speakers the size of Kias. Now turn it up to eleven. . . crikey! Franz Ferdinand @ Metropolis "Best drummer in the world? Ringo wasn't even the best drummer in the Beatles." Paul McCartney Picking on a band as "of the moment" (and good, by the way) as Franz Ferdinand for having a lousy drummer is quibbiling, admittedly. But Paul Thomson has bad teeth and a tendency to muddy some of the wonderful angles on Nicolas McCarthy's guitars. Other than the quibble, FF lived up to the hype. Their stage presence was warm and endearing (including front man Alexander Kapranos' feeble attempts to connect with audience in French) and when the tempo change came in the middle of Take Me Out the crowd screamed, shook and jumped like a parishoners in a Pentacostal revival tent (except they were really sexy parishoners, and the organist was playing Love Will Tear Us Apart instead of Washed in the Blood of the Lamb. You know, THAT kind of revival tent). Delays @ Metropolis Yawn! Maplewood @ El Salon See review for Delays. Tonight: Magnolia Electric Company, Mission of Burma and maybe Melissa Auf Der Mar
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