Saturday, October 02, 2004


Constantines, C'mon and Xavier Rudd

Listen to Rock-n'Roll Can Break Your Legs by C'mon. Listen to Arizona by The Constantines. Day three of PopMontreal yesterday (Unfortunately, only day one for me . . . Damn you day job! Damn! You!) At the registration desk (which was managed by Mo, who was super friendly despite the fact that I wasn't from a label . . . thanks Mo!) I met Frank Weipert. Frank is one of the producers at Vancouver's New Music West. In his spare time he manages Jim Rose and Aussie super-hippie Xavier Rudd. Now Rudd, is a sight to behold. He's a one man band who's instrumental lineup includes didgeridoos (yes, plural). No, it's not a nightmare of Phish-like proportions. Some friends and I had the opportunity to see Xavier do his thing at the Fat City BluesFest in July and were genuinely blown away. Didgeridoos or not, it's good . . . honest. In other news, it seems Frank has landed Mr. Rudd a promotion and distribution deal with Universal. Sometimes big labels do happen to good people. Access to the rock was limited last night due to dinner with TMBGITW and her family, but I did get out to see the last few songs of the encore for C'Mon (an Ian Blurton project featuring his girlfriend - Katie Lynn Campbell of Nashville Pussy on bass) and the tail end of the Constantines show (attended - as most good Montreal shows are - by half of FatCity's rock-n'-roll lovers including John Bartlett of Kelp Records/Greenfeild Main/Rhume). The Constantines were excellent. Great tunes, great room, lots of sweat . . . Tonight's schedule includes The Evaporators, Franz Ferdinand (!) and, if schedules work out, Xavier Rudd.
You are good and forward-thinking if you managed to get tickets to Franz Ferdinand.
My girlfriend and a friend of hers from school (PhD & MSc in civil engineering, respectively) came to this show, and spent a goodly part of the Cons' set worrying about the structural integrity of the floor.

I am glad that I am not knowledgable enough to have to worry about these things.

Festival pass was the way to go to get into the Franz Ferdinand show (which was AMAZING, btw . . . though their drummer is a little on the shoddy side).

More to come on this.

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