Thursday, October 21, 2004


Bad Wizard: Free and Easy (Hey! Buy the Rekkid!)

Bad Wizard's Curtis Brown wants to kick your ass! Sensitive indie rockers beware, you are now officially leaving the land of flouncy haircuts and ironic hat choices. You are entering the land of balls out rock, a land where sweaty dudes with 10 o'clock shadow scream about beer, broads, broken hearts and jail time. You've entered the Bad Wizard zone. Managed to get some stuff I'd left in Montreal a few weeks back and thought I'd take the opportunity to hit you with some of it. I received a couple of enquiries from folks who asked if I actually LIKED the Bad Wizard show I saw a few weeks back. I guess suggesting that the music knocked me senseless could - admittedly - have been interpreted more than one way. So, ok, listen to this track turned up really, REALLY loud and ask yourself, if you like rock n' roll, how could you NOT have had a good time? Free and Easy is the title track from BW's first release on Tee Pee Records. Buy it here.
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