Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Viva la post-rock!

Sigur Ros Untitled Track 1 from the album ( ) (Go! Buy the Rekkid) Top Five Bands from a Planet other than Earth 5: Gwar 4: Parliament ("Comin' to you directly from the mothership") 3: Sigur Ros 2: Sigur Ros 1: Sigur Ros Granted, Iceland isn't precisely another planet but these guys sure don't sound like much else being recorded here on the big blue marble. In addition to being otherworldly, Sigur Ros may be the most pretentious act in the world (at least on paper). Their last full length album didn't have a real title, (I mean . . . ( ) . . . seriously?) none of the songs had titles either. Their most recent recorded output is a 20-minute-long single called Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do recorded with Radiohead this summer. "Ba ba" was written to accompany choreography by Merce Cunningham. As such, the instruments used on the recording include - wait for it - miked ballet shoes. But wait! Before you trample your friends and loved ones in the stampede to the windows to get a breath of some less rarified air, consider the words of my good friend Simp. "Sigur Ros? (he pronounces the name to rhyme with "Bigger Dose" which was as good a guess as any until I read the pronouncication guide on their web site. Turns out the "g" is - of course - silent. Damn you Icelanders and your silent "G"s Damn! You! Anyway, now back to Simp . . . ) Love em. They're from Iceland, they sing in a made up language and play their Fenders with violin bows. Sure it's pretentious as fuck, but it sounds great." Buy Sigur Ros's ( ) (And while you're there, check out the eighth user review down. Well done!) Explosions In The Sky Snow & Lights (Go! Buy the Rekkid!) While we're talking about post-rock instrumentalists . . . I have to tip my PWI trucker cap (it's so over, it's Post Post Post Ironic) to my neighbour "Number 3" who, it seems, has great taste in music. I was sitting around PWI HQ recently, listening to Iron & Wine's The Creek Drank the Cradle when I heard a knock on the door. I fully intended to ignore the knocker - if I don't know you're coming, you're likely selling something - but he was persistent. I opened the door to find Number 3 in the hallway with a friend. They were both beaming. "Is that Iron & Wine?" Number 3 asked, gesturing in the general direction of my stereo. "Yeah," I replied. "Sorry, is it too loud?" "No, it's awesome! I just wanted to stop by and tell you." With an attitude that positive, taste that good, and an approach that friendly I had no choice but to listen when he recommended Explosions in the Sky, Austin-based instrumentalists who write sprawling, complex and beautiful instrumental songs . . . without pro-tools. Explosions are playing the Pop Montreal festival October 2. If, like me, you snoozed and lost out on Franz Ferdinand tickets, you might wanna check em out. Number 3 and me'll be there. Buy Explosions In The Sky's Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
GWAR _is_ from a place other than Earth...Richmond, Virginia.

The group started as a collaborative art project...who knew?
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