Thursday, September 16, 2004


Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: Plasma Dive (Go! Buy the Rekkid!)

One of Dennis Miller's funniest lines on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update had nothing to do with the news. The Pogues' Shane McGowan had just crushmumbled through an absolutely Dylanesque rendition of Sunday Morning Albert Bridge (if memory serves, he may well have been drinking from a large bottle of Tanq during the song) . We then cut to Miller looking at the camera deadpan, but slightly askance as he says: You know, I love the Pogues, but I've always been a sucker for lyrics. I mention this story because Thee Michelle Gun Elephant only nominally sing in English (as if their random word generator of a name didn't give that away) and are very lovable besides. TMGE are from Japan, but their sound is very old-school Detroit (they kick you in the nethers like the Stooges). Just don't ask me what a Plasma Dive is. Buy a copy of The Plasma Dive EP (somehow called "Plasma Live" by the Amazoners)
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