Monday, September 06, 2004


The Joel Plaskett Emergency: Extraordinary (Go! Buy the Rekkid!)

Some people just don't take good advice when it's offered to them. My good friend Scam has a massive, and carefully assembled record collection. He's one of those guys who still buys lots and lots of vinyl. We don't see eye to eye on everything (he thinks that other band from Minneapolis was better than the Replacements) but we come together more often than not. In 2003, when I was compiling my top ten list for the year, I asked Scam for his picks. "I can't pick ten off the top of my head," he replied. "But the new Joel Plaskett is definitely the best record. You should check it out." Unfortunately, I waited nearly six months to pick up The Joel Plaskett Emergency's Truthfully, Truthfully. I can't help but think how much happier those six months would have been had I followed his advice earlier. In waiting, I missed out on a phenomenal guided tour through seventies and eighties guitar rock. It's like an amazing frosh party. Pete Townsend is practicing his windmills on the speaker stacks while David Lee Roth is impressing the chicks with scissor kicks. Steve Miller and the Police are handing out beers at the keg and Bob n' Doug keep bogartting the mike to tell jokes. Good times, rock and roll lovers. Good times. Visit The Joel Plaskett Emergency on the web. Buy The Joel Plaskett Emergency's Truthfully, Truthfully
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