Tuesday, September 14, 2004


James Brown: I Need Your Key (to turn me on) (Go! Buy the Rekkid!)

The question I get asked the most, well a lot . . . enough that I’d remark on it. People come up to me and they say: “Fatcitizen, what would it sound like if James Brown, some time in 1970 decided he wanted to front Count Basie’s band? What if he decided to hire Buddy Collette, Ray Brown and Joe Romano and record a bunch of big band sounds? Then, what if - as a breakdown in the middle of one of those big band tracks - he decided to give a combo sermon/spelling lesson/kung-fu sensei of love speech?” Well, folks, wonder no longer. Sure, it’s more foreshadowing of the PCP-fueled multi-state police chases to come . . . but this mother swings. (And, after 15 or so listens I still can’t tell if he misspells “key” in the big finish.) Buy a copy of Soul on Top
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