Sunday, August 15, 2004


Jim Bryson

Satellite Longing, to my ears, never sounded so good. When Jim sings "I'm not necessarily very smart" while Ian Lefeuvre slowly wails away on his Fender this track just glistens and sighs. Though much of Jim's work on The Occassionals (his first of two solo LPs and the source of this track) bears comparison to the warm, country sounds Hollywood Townhall era Jayhawks and Wilco's Being There, much of his live show is rooted in the sounds of late-eighties Minneapolis (he's been playing The Replacement's Swinging Party and Grant Hart's 2541 as encores for several years now, much to the delight of aging punk rockers everywhere). Buy Jim Bryson's: The Occasionals Visit Jim Bryson on the web.
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