Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Iron & Wine: The Lion's Mane

I love math rock. John Darnielle + a cheap ghetto blaster = The Mountain Goats The Mountain Goats + Your ears = All-world-gold-medal-song-writing goodness Jason Molina = Songs:Ohia (or Magnolia Electric Company, or Pyramid Electric Company or whatever the hell he/they are calling him/themselves these days) Songs:Ohia + Your ears = Dark, even mystically sexy, sadness. (Eminem - mainstream media Elvis references) + (jumpy garage beats + e) / (bitches * birds) = Mike Skinner Mike Skinner = The Streets The Streets + Your ears = Can't quite tell you why it's likable, likableness. Ok, I know. None of those acts are math rock (if for no other reason than they're all good, which is more than I can say for The Jesus Lizard). They are, however, examples of Post-Millennial Trend Fatcitizen Does Not Understand #7645: "Guys - so far it's all guys - who, for some reason, have decided to record using a 'band' name when they're really solo artists." Anyway, this leads us to the real equation of the day which is: Sam Beam = Iron & Wine Iron & Wine + Your ears = Happiness Is there anything being recorded today that sounds so warm? So comforting? So goddamn sepia-toned as an Iron and Wine record? The Creek Drank the Cradle sounds like a memory written down and found again. It's brittle and dusty, like something you'd find in a trunk in an attic. Sam Beam has engraved this record like an intricate old-south woodcut; one of a hazy, screened-in back porch, or a dragonfly. It's lustrous and full and yet so delicate, tangible and human that it makes you want to tell the people you love what they mean to you, or that you're sorry. It's a four-track, basement-tape love note. I like it . . . a lot Buy Iron & Wine's The Creek Drank the Cradle Visit Iron & Wine on the web
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