Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Ceasars: Jerk it Out (Realaudio again)

Yes, it's two keyboard songs in a row. Yes, it's a good thing. Yes, Ceasars are from Sweden (they toured with Soundtrack of Our Lives). Yes, I know, they're ALL from Sweden (except for Turbonegro. I thought they were from Sweden, but they're really from Norway). Yes, in order to avoid being out-bragged by the Hives, Ceasars called their album 39 Minutes of Bliss (In An Otherwise Meaningless World). Yes, yes, yes . . . I know! But don't hate, just listen to the tasty, tasty organ. Hear the great echo on the guitar (it sounds like its coming from the bottom of a cave. A cave where people are having fun. Drinking beer, perhaps from long neck bottles, or cans. They're wearing cool haircuts and they're wearing motorcycle jackets. The whole thing is, y'know, kinda swingin'.) Put it another way. Remember the Wayouts, from the Flinstones? The "creatures from way way out?" If they really existed, and if they played organ, they'd kinda sound like Ceasars. I was alerted to the existence of Ceasars by one of the good people on the Postcard Uncle Tupelo list. For the last two years we've been involved in this amazing rock n' roll cookie exchange. Y'see, it works like this. Thirty people sign up and are each assigned a single two-week window. During their two week window each person on the list is required to put together a mixed cd and mail it to the other 29 people on the list. (If you're me, you miss this window several times). The result is a new mix from some corner of the world lands on my doorstep every two weeks. It's like joining Columbia House without all the negative billing and Matchbox Twenty records. Good times. Visit Ceasars on the web. Buy 39 Minutes of Bliss (In An Otherwise Meaningless World)
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