Friday, August 20, 2004


The Black Keys: 10 A.M. Automatic

You know that old saying?: "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Well, when it comes to the Black Keys and Ottawa concert goers you have to add "Fool me three times and I'll hoof you square in the marbles." The Keys, the best thing to come out of Akron Ohio since Lebron James, are the rust belt's other hard-rockin' two piece. The one without the candy-striper outfits, movie star girlfriends and penchant for kicking the crap outa Jason Von Bondie. They have also earned no small amount of enmity from Fat City rockophiles by welching out of two straight Ottawa Bluesfest bookings. Anyone who's met Birdman Sound/Bluesfest Birdman Stage commandant John Westhaver knows that's just not a good idea. The fine people at Babylon think the third time is the charm - I guess - and have booked Dan (Guitar/vox) and Patrick (traps) for a gig in September. If that show sounds like 10 a.m. Automatic - all juke joint holler, hammer and nail drum patterns and guitar sounds more stripped down than an episode of Monster Garage - it might well be worth the wait. Promotion of the Keys' new record, Rubber Factory, leaves you with the distinct impression that somebody thinks they might be able to "Von Bondie" Jack and Meg. The official website has been nicely tarted up, David Cross of Mr. Show fame has directed the - quite humourous - video for 10 a.m Automatic and Epitaph is "helping" with distribution (causing a little griping from the boys at Dan and Pat's I'd-bet-soon-to-be-ex-label Fat Possum) . At the end of the day, the positioning, marketing and record-label sniping don't matter unless the music rocks and The Black Keys do just that. They just better not behave like rock stars when they hit Eastern Ontario. Westhaver - and everyone else in Fat City - are already lacing their steel toed boots. Visit The Black Keys on the web. Buy The Rubber Factory
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